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Measuring the metrics that matter

Google Maps metrics and insights represent the actual performance of the business

Insights to understand your customers

Locl gives you new insight into your customer’s purchasing journey. It’s info you can use to drive more traffic and sales. Use Locl to understand your customer’s search-to-purchase behavior, find metrics that correlate to revenue, view multi-location aggregate views (with our proprietary software), and get 18+ months of data history (versus 90 days you get from Google My Business). You can also view direction requests, the top 50 zip codes where your customers are coming from, measure marketing ROI and much, much more.

Use your dashboard to grow

With Locl you’re able to compare best-performing and worst-performing locations, see month-over-month and year-over-year changes. This information helps you see what marketing is working (or not) so you can lower customer acquisition costs and track return on ad spends. You’ll even be able to see how your customers find you. The metrics allow you to evaluate location performance and even predict future revenue.

Ready to see what Locl can do for you?

Part of Your Marketing Strategy

With Locl, you can blanket control all your locations or define different experiences specific to individual locations.

This allows retailers to expand their existing campaign and program efforts to include Google Maps resulting in targeted and localized experiences.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Over 80% of the time, a customer will visit your establishment within 24 hours of searching for directions.

We’ll make sure…

  • Google prioritizes your listing
  • Your customers find you without frustration
  • Your listing contains all the right data to keep your customers happy

Complete Transparency

Turn data into sales. Give your team access to troves of data, all delivered in plain terms, so everyone will know what’s going on from campaign concept to execution. No on will feel like they’re left in the dark.

Free in 2020!

For businesses that serve tourists and/or meeting planners.

Direction requests

Website clicks

Phone calls

Customer zip code from request

Multi-location aggregate views

Down-to-the-day data granularity

18-months data history

24-7 access

DSingle-location views

Weekly reports

Month-over-month comparisons

Year-over-year comparisons

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